A strong branding package provides you with campaign elements that can be used to promote your work across all marketing channels including the web, print, broadcast and live events—the areas in which your audience lives, works and plays.

We specialize in photography, logo design, cover art, title treatments, custom backgrounds, 3D modeling, video shoots, and trailers.


Readers will judge a book by its cover, which means it’s vital they be instantly transported into your world the moment they see anything that represents it.

We will work with you to develop compelling visual concepts for your integrated marketing package. In keeping true to your vision, we will create assets that reflect the world you’ve worked so hard to cultivate. It’s this attention to detail that will elevate your work above a very crowded space.

Our studio artists are experts in logo design, title treatments, custom backgrounds, and 3D modeling all of which are rooted in custom photography and videography sessions. These marketing pieces can be used to reach your audience in a compelling and engaging fashion, one that captures their imagination and inspires them to purchase your book.


6 book covers. Full photography and video shoot. Custom costumes. Custom title treatment. Book trailer. Motion graphics.

Download the PDF case study. (7MB)

12 book covers. Logo development. Digital and print banners. Brochures. Custom digital vehicles and weapons. Behind-the-scenes videos. Short films.

Download the PDF case study. (5MB)

6 book series. 6 custom photo shoots. 12 custom-made costumes. Custom props. Custom logo. 6 behind-the-scenes videos. Author interview.

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